Thompson Sub-Machinegun


The TSMG, Thompson Sub-Machine Gun, was ahead of its time.  Too late to serve in WWI, for which it was designed, it became symbolic of Chicago's organized crime in the 1920's, the Public Enemies of the 1930's, and it took an under-prepared America to war in WWII. The Thompson served around the world with the Allies during the dark days of the early war period, all the way through to the Normandy Invasion and to the end of the war, even with its replacement, the M3 Grease Gun coming into service.

Due to U.S. Importation Laws, not only are receivers banned from import so too are barrels, so as time passes, original barrels will become increasingly scarce and valuable.

I manufacture, and sell, TSMG barrels for all purposes, DISPLAY, and LIVE/FIRE, in all Thompson SMG model types. Please read below for the specifics.

*Please note, any receivers pictured are non-functional, solid steel, or aluminum, I do not sell them.


The DISPLAY barrels are manufactured from chrome moly steel, 4140, to a Rockwell of 26-32, as are  LIVE/FIRE barrels which are MIL-SPEC steel. The DISPLAY barrels have no bore, nor chamber, and are blind drilled to .453" at the muzzle end, with the muzzle crowned. As these barrels have no bore, and are solid steel, they are classed as "NON-BARRELS" by BATFE, this is an important classification. Not only can a DISPLAY barrel be used to complete a parts kit, but, for the re-enactor who has a new production Auto Ordnance Thompson Carbine with the long barrel, by substituting a DISPLAY barrel, classed as a "NON-BARREL", the re-enactor can achieve the correct look of the SMG, without the SBR issue. Once finished with re-enacting, the gun can be restored to firing capacity by re-installing the long carbine barrel. My DISPLAY barrels are significantly less expensive than an original, particularly when you consider the cost of a tax stamp the issues of a background check to obtain an authentic barrel with a bore.

I can provide a DISPLAY barrel either with receiver threads, for use with a quality reproduction steel receiver, or, non-threaded for use with the cast aluminum display receivers.


I purchase barrel blanks that are specifically made for the TSMG, chrome-moly steel, to a hardness of 26-32 Rockwell, 1:16 RH twist rifling, and chambered to G.I. Specifications. From these barrel blanks, I turn the appropriate finned contour, 1921 with radius fins, 1928/A1 with square fins, or the basic M1/M1A1 non-finned barrel.

All of my barrels for whatever purpose, are polished and powder blasted prior to delivery to a professional hot black oxide service or as a NEW SERVICE for PROFESSIONAL HOT BLUEING. The LIVE FIRE barrels are inspected from the vendor for chamber tolerance, and for thread fit, prior to my machining the pattern type.



M1/M1A1 = $110

1928 ( square fins)  = $145

1921 ( radius fins )  = $170


M1/M1A1 = $165

1928 ( square fins) = $195

1921 ( radius fins ) = $220

1921 ( radius fins ) NEW PRODUCT PROFESSIONAL HOT BLUEING = $260

S&H NOT included, typically $15 for continental U.S., and while the DISPLAY and "NON-Barrels are exportable, the LIVE FIRE Barrels are not.

While I do not manufacture Ring sights or Compensators, I do market them to help my customer one stop shop.

M1/M1A1 RING SIGHT = $40

1921 RING SIGHT = $55


* these are new production press fit, and have no threads, this simplifies assembly in that vertical of the front sight is easily achieved.


I now manufacture the German MP40 SMG barrels in 9mm Parabellum/Luger, 1:10 RH twist, from chrome moly steel Rockwell 26-32. Also, MP40 Trunnions and muzzle nuts. Both MP40 barrels and Trunnions are made to blueprint and original articles.

MP40 Barrel- In original short barrel length, hot black oxided, with muzzle nut = $325

MP40 Trunnion- Hot black oxided = $165


Please see the photos below, I have recently added firearm displays, the larger wooden ones are ideal for displaying at shows, as they are made to be broken down, and re-assembled for transportation. They are robust, 1 inch thick, my idea is to make it unique to your wishes, with images, small screen TV's ( to replay your video from the range, break down for cleaning and re-assembly, or your favorite pre-recorded video ), lasering, still images, inlays, you tell me, customization is the concept. I can work in a variety of materials. 

Please inquire for pricing, materials, amount of customization keep me from having a set prices.

Please note, while I do no gunsmithing, I do offer some basic services,at additional cost, such as:

-Threading the barrel muzzle for an original Compensator = $15

-Drilling a new Ring sight for a cross pin, and providing the pin = $15

-Display Bolt Actuator handles-

-Assembling Display Only guns from your provided parts/kit.

Please ask for pricing on these services, as I discount the services if you buy parts from me.

Also, I have, and continue to do Custom Work, part manufacture, from providing "Prop-Gun" parts to the movie industry to small quantity specialty parts, obviously, as with anything I sell, all NFA Rules are observed. So, feel free to ask about my custom services, but, please understand, often jigs/fixtures must be made before work of this nature can be done to hold the part(s) so that machining can be performed, my price(s) reflect building any such fixtures.

Below, is an example of  my custom work, a recent commission, a display receiver and barrel for the UD42 SMG.

Thank you for looking over my website, I can be reached at:

Below you will see some examples of my work