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The TSMG, Thompson Submachine Gun, was ahead of its time.  Too late to serve in WW1, for which it was designed, it became symbolic of Chicagos' organized crime in the 1920's, the Public Enemies of the 1930's, and it took an under-prepared America to war in WW2. The Thompson served around the world with the Allies during the dark days of the early war period, all the way through to the Normandy Invasion and to the end of the war, even with its replacement, the M3 Grease Gun coming into service.

Due to U.S. Importation Laws, not only are receivers banned from import so too are barrels, so as time passes, as owners of NFA full auto guns require replacement barrels, the stocks of original TSMG barrels are dwindling.

So, why put a functional, orginal stock Thompson barrel on a gun assembled for Display, to be used as a Prop, or for Re-enactment?

Why use a functional barrel for Blank-firing? 

For the parts kits that are still available, or, if you already own one that you would like to complete with a Display receiver, consider my barrel(s) as a less costly option to assembling with a functional barrel.

My barrels, made from 4150 steel, at 26-32 HRC hardness, are classed as "non-barrels" by BATFE, and are NOT on the U.S.Munitions List, as they are not considerd barrels, as they have no bore, no chamber, and are drilled/reamed blind holes from the muzzle. This means the barrels are both EXPORTABLE, and change the SBR status of the gun when mounted.

I offer amongst other models, (2) versions of the 1921 Model Thompson barrel, what I call the first pattern, those with fins, that are thinner and have radi formed on the fins, and a second pattern, those with fins that are thicker. So, if you have a desire to own a Display Thompson, that is similar to the  "gangster era"  Model(s),  there just aren't many of those barrels out there, unless you purchase an original old stock barrel that has been machined to recreate that early 1921 appearance. That can be done, it is expensive, if, you are building a gun for Display only, so, please consider my 1921 pattern(s) without front sight, with ringsight, or with either the Type1 compensator, or Type2, to complete your project.

I also offer the Model 1928(A1) pattern barrel, with square fins, for those wanting an early WW2 style barrel, sold with a new production Auto Ordnance "pressfit" compensator.

The M1/M1A1 pattern is also avalable, with, and without ringsight.

All my barrels are machined to original blueprints, and held to close tolerances, so, if you purchase one of my barrels, and want to press fit a ringsight or compensator, you will find the tolerance I machined too, is correct for pressfit. This is especially useful in that whether you are pressing my barrel on to an aluminum display receiver, or, threading it into a high quality steel display receiver, the issue of alignment for the front sight is not a problem, simply fit the barrel, then, press the ringsight, or compensator onto the barrel with the sight at "12 O'Clock", barrel to receiver threads synchroniztion is not an issue.

Please note, I do not manufacture compensators, they are new production Auto Ordnance, the smaller Type1 compensator is machined from a Type2, which is complete with its trade markings, while the Type1 has no trademarks, which is correct for the Type1's as they had no markings.

Thank you for taking time to view my website, the following page(s) list products and pricing,  new products will follow in addition to those listed.

1921 Pattern 1 Barrel Only- $145
with ringsight-                        $165
with Type 1 Compensator-  $240

1921 Pattern 2 Barrel Only- $145
with ringsight-                         $165
with Type 2 Compensator-  $230

1928A1 w/ Type 2 Comp'-    $230

M1/M1A1 Barrel Only-            $135
with ringsight-                        $155

Please, inquire with any questions: